Dr Q Cooling & Soothing Mix Cream (1x50ml), the perfect moisturiser to hydrate, nurture and protect the skin against toxins, free radicals and UV irradiation.

It helps to increase the softness, radiance and glowing of skin as well as the hydration, elasticity and firmness. Fast absorbing, and provides sustained moisture. Suitable for for all skin types.

This unique mixture of 33 vitamin and minerals each of which has a specific activity and effect on your skin. Collected together in a special formula to feed your skin its daily needs of water, retinol, citric, urea, ascorbic and glycerin, propylene glycel, mineral oil.

It contains antioxidants for cooling irritated skin, creating a soothing effect for the sensitive parts and treats irritated seborrhea skin caps,Dr Q Cooling & Soothing Mix Cream (1x50ml).


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