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Treatment to remove tarmi that lifts up without cutting.


Buy VoVlift, By embedding a meltable thread under the skin, it is a treatment to remove tarmi that lifts up without cutting. The spines (cogs) that catch the tissue attached to the thread supplement the force to pull up the face and suppress the tarmi of the skin.

There is no need to make an incision in the skin because it is a treatment that inserts a thread.
Because it is a special PCL mixed material, it is more flexible than conventional thread lifts and can be expected to have a natural lifting effect.
The thread melts in 2 to 3 years, leaving no risk of foreign matter.

Compared to the conventional thread lift, it is not necessary to make a hole to put out after inserting the thread, so the number of insertion parts is small, and the rounded needle tip prevents internal bleeding.
The number to use is under the chin, both cheeks, forehead and temples, and about 2 to 8 for each part is a guide.

Treatments to improve facial tarmi include "cutting and pulling up the skin" and "embedding and pulling up the thread".
"Treatment to incis and pull up the skin" can lift up firmly, but it has the disadvantage of lengthening downtime (recovery period until returning to daily life) because it is an operation.

"Treatment to embed and pull up the thread" is not an incision surgery, so there is less risk and downtime is short, but there are drawbacks that it is difficult to obtain a large effect and the duration of the effect is short.
Buy VoVlift  Premium greatly improves Talmi with a thread that is stronger than before, and the new material keeps the effect for a long time.


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